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You Can't Eat Software

This is a blog/newsletter exploring the possibilities and impossibilities of our future in the world, the place of technology in that future, and the transitions we're making towards a way of approaching that reality that actually promotes life, as opposed to exterminating it.

I'm looking to find lines through the conflict and division that can include all generous, life-giving perspectives. I'm looking for thresholds we can cross, together; I'm here to help you see them too; and, if you will, I'm hoping we can take a few steps together.

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Recent Posts

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Eating the elephant one bite at a time

Yesterday's post, I realise in retrospect, was a tad ambitious. But more importantly, it set this blog up to be worthy. Even boring. The cardinal sin. I'm not an academic, nor do I have pretensions to come off as an academic here. I do want learn more about our incipient

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The plan and schedule for this site

Welcome, folks. Right, time to kick this off. Here goes. I think I'll start by reading through a few books that I've been meaning to, and sharing my notes and thoughts, chapter-by-chapter. This should lead to a bunch of Opinions, and perhaps, if you choose, Discussion. In between, I'll hopefully